Thursday, January 14, 2010

Best... Action


I am a faithful person. I am not sure I am by nature. I like to question the what I am told. I like to understand things from all sides and points of view. I also don't like being told to believe something without reason.

This is going to sound funny but I don't want my kids to choose my religion just because that is what Scott and I believe. I want them to WANT to believe in our religion. If they don't believe and make the concious choice to believe themselves then I don't know if it will be true.

Anyhow. (By the way, you know that movie the Break-up. "I want you to WANT to do the dishes." "Why would I WANT to do dishes" Yea that had nothing to do with anything but hey this is my thoughts!)

In the past few months I have seen the power of prayer. Not many people ever have to opportunity to actually see it. I think I was blessed. I think I needed it. (I know that is selfish but whatever)

The first way I saw prayer was through a child. I have only meet this child a few times but I know his mom. Scratch that, knew and kindda still know due to social networking, we went to high school together. This child got very sick. There were many times they thought he wouldn't make it hours. Once I heard the news, via facebook, I started praying. I also asked my friends to pray. Prayer spread throughtout many people. You could feel these prayers. The child is a survivor due in large part to his prayer warriors (and wonderful doctors!). People who prayed constinently for him. Some had never met him. That didn't matter.

Another has been on-going. It has been in me. I have taken the time to stop and pray when I need to. Not when someone else needs me to. If I hear that someone is sick or having a rough time. They don't need to ask. I already prayed.

My brain is wandering. Goodnight!

What is funny is that I have learned so much and accepted it. I have learned that sometimes you pray for specific actions. Other times you pray that God's will happens and that God makes the people around understand. Sometimes you just pray not wanting a resolution, sometimes you do.

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