Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Best... Last Day of Christmas

"On the first day of Christmas..."

Everyone has heard the song, right? I know I hear it multiple times during the Christmas season. Well, retail outlets have brainwashed the public to believing that the 12 days of Christmas happen before Christmas.


Christmas Eve night is the FIRST day of Christmas.

Night? Why night you say? Well in old'n times the new day begins at sunset, not midnight.

So the last day of Christmas is Epiphany. January 6th. A wonderful day of food and family. The offical (at least in our house) end of the holiday season. This is one of my favorite Armenian holidays. (You know I love Easter!) History lesson, it marks the day the Magi visited the infant Jesus.

So many people forget this day. They don't celebrate it. To many people just do not know about it.

So on the night of January 5th, we eat. No, we feast. We have smoked whitefish, rice, dolma, koo koo, yogurt, fresh cucumber salad, lavash, wine (some people), cracker bread and dessert.

Most recipes you can find online. Easy right, there are tons of people who have these recipes.

EXCEPT Koo Koo! My families Armenian Koo Koo!

What is koo koo you say? It is spinach, cilantro, parsley goodness! Yea, I know what you are thinking, 'How can any of these things be good together, they are all garnishs right'? Nope. So here is a short pictorial recipe.

Cilantro. 2 bunches.

Wash. Chop off Stems. Put in food processor.

Process :) Empty into large mixing bowl.

Parsley. 2 bunches.
Wash. chop off stems. Process. Empty into bowl.

Wash. Chop off tips (white). Process. Empty.

Spinach. 1/2 a bunch!
Wash. Chop. Process. Empty.

Now you should have everything in the mixing bowl.

Add a pinch of salt, ok more than a pinch. I would say a tablespoon.
Tablespoon of pepper.
Teaspoon of flour.
pinch of garlic powder.

12 eggs.
Yes, 12 eggs. A carton.


Heat a deep pan on the stove with 1 cup of olive oil.

Now for this recipe you need two pans because you cook one side and flip it over. I bet you could get away with using just one, but it is easy to use two.

Heat the olive oil first then add mixture.

Cook for about 5 -7 minutes.
Until firm but not burn on the bottom.


Cook until bottom is lightly brown but not burn.
(I know, not an exact science)

But then this is what you get...


Love it!

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