Monday, January 4, 2010

Best... Plan of Action!

Ok. It is only 4 days into the "Best" challenge and I am already fishing. Not a good way to start of a month o' blogging.

BUT. A big but(t), well literally and figuratively. I have had a few things on my mind lately. I need to get moving. Physically. I need to move my body so much more than I do now.

My job doesn't help. I sit. I sit for EIGHT hours a day. I sit in front of tv. I sit in front of MANY tv's. Just a rough glance there are...23 actively moving tv screens within my small 11 foot long cave. (Yes the urge to snack all day long under a blanket is present every day!)

In college I was active. We ran, played tennis, swam (oh how I loved my swimming class at school) and hiked all the time. Now after being married for 7 years, time and fat has caught on.

As hard as it is to admit. It stinks.

Yes, I had two kids via c-section. Yes, I do have one little medical condition that makes weight loss very hard. But ( <--- you see there it is again) those are just excuses. I am tired of excuses.

I don't excersize enough. I eat well. We are above average on healthy eating. It is movement that I crave. Now it is hard. We are on a budget so a gym membership is out of the question. There are kids. Have you ever tried to work out with a 1 year old hanging to your leg? Or a 5 year old who can do better push ups than you and likes to tell you that?

Not easy my friend. Not easy!

So somehow. someway. I. am. going. to. make. it. this. year.

I AM going to get it off! (or at least set into motion the tools and ability to get it off)


Janette said...

You go girl!! Cheap and inexpensive (and great) workout can be found via The Biggest Loser workout DVDs. They are AWESOME!! And I totally remember you getting up at the but(t) :) crack of dawn in college to go running. I thought you were crazy!! :) (And I get my workouts in first thing in the morning...definitely know what you mean about not getting it done with a little one at your feet!

Kristy said...

Thanks. I wish I could get motivated enough like I was then!

I have the shred dvd. I need to look into more. And actually wake up early. I am going to do it!