Monday, January 11, 2010

Best... use of the brain at work.

I am trying to find a new vacation spot to visit this year. Why is this such a hard decision? I want to go somewhere new.

I want to go somewhere we have never been before. Which should be easy since we haven't been many places. So why on earth is this so difficult?

Oh yea, we forgot and cut down the money tree that used to grow in our backyard. I guess we got too tired of racking up the dollar leaves.

If you have any experience trying to plan a fun family vacation for two children on a relatively tight budget please toss me your ideas.

I like classic places. I REALLY want to go to Yellowstone. I am just not sure between the car rental, gas and hotels if it will be a reality this year. (Remember we are also on a three year debt pay off plan).

J wants to go to the mountains. I do too. But will S have a good time. She will only be 2? Should I not worry if she does and focus on the fact that J will? Is he going to lose valuable age appropriate travel because S is too young?

No. She will have fun anywhere (as long as Dora and Diego go). So let my planning begin. From now until Spring break, each week I am going to post one possible vacation plan. Then during Spring break we will decide where to go. Since our vacation will be in August it will not be late.

So for the first week.... expect Yellowstone coming up!

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