Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Best... Vacation planning #1 and letdown...

I know this isn't a nice BEST.

Here is my first vacation plan... Yellowstone...

Car rental - $549.33
Gas - guestimating $600 (I like to overbudget the gas, it helps you not getting stuck somewhere!)

Driving - Dallas - Salina, KS - Denver, CO - Caspar, WY- Dubois, WY - Yellowstone! Total mileage 1491m. or in Texas speak: 1 day 2 hours. (yes. 26 hours! one way!)

Now is the fun part. Lodging.

This is where I am now realizing that I don't think we can afford to go to Yellowstone. The lodging is CRAZY! You know, it doesn't help that we plan on going during the busy season. Still man! If only I was comfortable sleeping in a cabin and using communal showers/toilets. Which is funny because, I AM!

BUT... I don't think my 2 year old is. OR my 6 year old who is used to getting up and going whenever he needs. I am not making 58 trips to a communal toilet!

So here is the most reasonable for me. Lake Yellowstone. Frontier Cabin. 5 nights - $750

Meals - We can survive on around $300 for the week.

Etc. Expenses - $400 (you know park fees, stick souvenior that we can afford by stopping on the side of the road and picking it up!)

So. Roundabout total for a vacation for a family of 4 to Yellowstone....


Huh. Not bad. Now that I look at a total it is kind of do-able. We spent a couple hundred less than that going to Key West. But then again we also spend a day at Disney. Swam with Dolphins. Saw a shuttle on the launch pad. and did nothing for the other 3 days. (scratches head with a slight eyebrow raise)

Though would it be worth it with a 2 year old at Yellowstone? or wait til she is 3 or 4? If we wait we could 'swing' by Mount Rushmore!

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