Friday, January 1, 2010

Best...of 2009... in ornaments...

This month's blog theme is 'Best'.

This might get difficult!

Everyday this month I *will* post a blog related to the Best. I will also blog about the other stuff and junk going on around this crazy house and family. Such as my goal to 'try' to eliminate most processed foods out of our diet. (Not all! I am not that hardcore, yet. Maybe, next year.

So today is... The Best of 2009 through Christmas Ornaments.

Yes, I am weird and I know it.

Our visit to Florida was one our my favorite vacations, EVER. It was the furthest Scott and I have been with the children, that didn't include any extended family. It was suppose to but Granddad's job doesn't stop for vacations!
We survived the drive from Dallas to Key West (whew!) with our kiddos. They are great travelers. During our trip to Florida we saw it ALL. Swam with dolphins, drove through the Keys, feed the tarpons, kayaked in the ocean, saw crabs on the beach, almost saw the sea turtles, saw Disney AND went to the Kennedy Space Center!
We almost saw a launch, but it was rescheduled. What can ya' do? I vote for just hanging out in Florida until one is able to launch. Who really needs a job, food, shelter?

December of 2009 brought snow to Dallas. TWICE! We had a white Christmas! I don't know if I have ever had one. The kids loved it! Due to books, movies and pretty much all stories, J thinks that you are suppose to have snow on Christmas. Well, I didn't have to explain the heat and location of Texas in relation to the jet stream this year!

Another of my Best of 2009! My lovely husband! Boy do I love him. He is caring and sweet. Not to mention how he loves to make fun of me, kindheartedly though. He is a firefighter. He is strong. He cooks dinner for my babies every night he is off work and tucks them into bed after reading their stories. He also takes out the trash AND does dishes.
I'm not gonna give this one up!

My baby. My little spunky monkey. There aren't many words to describe S. Goose. Goonie. Sister. Spirited. Loving. Happy. Naked. Strong willed. Stubborn. Kind. Lover of Dogs. ALIVE.
She is a toot. When we asked God for a baby. He gave us one that makes every day a new adventure.

And finally my boy. My J. Brother. Sweet. Sensitive. Loving. Superhero. He is the biggest helper. He is learning to test his boundaries. Learning to read, helps in the kitchen. His imagination is unbelievable. He wants to be an astronaut, super secret spy and an inventor. I am sure he will do it!
Until next time.

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