Saturday, January 9, 2010

Best...Sad Day

Today was the funeral service for a man who I have only known for 7 or 8 years. I remember meeting him for the first time when Scott and I visited his dad's church while we were dating. Scott, though, had him in his life from before he was born. (As far as he knows).

It is always incredibly difficult when someone we know dies suddenly. It is hard to explain. My friend said it best, "It feels like a punch to the stomach." That is right. You can't explain it. But. There is quite a bit of difference when the person has lead a godly life. A presence is in the church that is comforting. I can only remember one funeral that I have been to that was not filled with spirit. The funeral was cold. There was blame. There was hurt that caused resentment. You can't explain to someone with no faith what you experience.

But today. Today was different, at least to me. The church was filled with a family of believers. Through the sorrow and pain, you could feel the love surrounding people. We know where he is now. There is no doubt.

So my favorite things about our friend who has begun his eternal life...
- he was funny.
- he could take sarcasm and dish it out.
- he was married for 52 years!
- he was a good example that I am glad my husband was able to grow up around.

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