Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day and Anniversary Goodness!

Scott and I celebrated our seven year anniversary on Feb. 14th, 2010. (Yes we were married on Valentine's Day, but really how it happened isn't a typical V-day wedding) My gracious mother-in-law offered, was begged offered to watch our kiddos so we could go out. Wow. I haven't used the words go out in a LONG TIME. We just aren't going out people. Well, we are but with our kids. So on Saturday night we made sure Grandmother was ready for pizza and movie night with the kids. Alvin and the Chipmunks was the choice of both (AGAIN!)

We did not make reservations anywhere, again as we are not fancy peeps. I did not want to go to a chain restaurant. So we decided on the little Greek restaurant in the shopping center across from the mall. This little Greek restaurant has a bit of history with me. While I was pregnant with S one of my cravings happen to be gyros. Late Sunday night as I flipped through one of those mail coupon books I came across a b1g1 coupon. I called. The closed in 15 minutes. I ordered and ran over. It was great! The owners are very nice and the food was very good. Two big +'s for me. So that is where we went for our anniversary. We had the 'Valentine's Plate'. (Which is one of the 'for-two' dinners with an added dessert)

Lamb, rice, mousakka, salad, gyro meat and feta. OH THE FETA! I was in heaven. The did not disappoint me. After our lovely meal we headed to the only place two parents on a night out should go, Half Price Books. It was really nice to look around without chasing a baby from the children's section.
Valentine's Day turned out to be quite busy. That is ok. I made a quick happy dessert for the family. Any guesses on what it is? (pardon the ikea plate/ aka kids cutting board)

Yep. Twinkies and strawberries. What does it say about us as parents that both our children ate the strawberries and left the twinkies? But they were cute and heart shaped. WIN!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow. In. Dallas.


Winter Wonderland of the golf course.

S playing in the snow.

J taught her how to make snowballs.

This was at 10:00 am. Let see how much more we might get!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Vacation Planning #2... Blue Ridge Parkway

Yes, I am behind on my vacation planning trip idea thingy. Whoops.

For our second scenario: Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Rental Car for 9 days: Elt. SUV from Budget $495 (with applicable discount)
Gas: $650 (this is a driving trip)
Leave Saturday Morning-
Dallas to Chattanooga, TN: 782Miles/ 12H 6M
Overnight Hotel : $62 per Expedia

Chattanooga to the beginning of the BRP at Ravensford, NC: 149 miles/ 3H 41M
Ravensford to Asheville via BRP: 88.9 miles/ 2H 39 M (excluding stopping)
Overnight Hotel: $100

Monday: Hang around Asheville. Visit Biltmore.

Tuesday- Asheville to Roanoke via BRP: 270 Miles/ 8H
Hotel: $100

Wednesday- Roanoke to Charlottesville via BRP: 140 Miles/ 3H 48 Minutes
Charlottesville to Gaithersburg, MD via fastest route possible: 126 Miles / 3H (in Traffic)
Overnight at family: Free

Thursday: Hang out with family/ visit DC area.

Friday: Begin to venture home. Gaithersburg area to Nashville, TN via Cincinnati: 763 Miles/ 12H
overnight: $100

Saturday: Nashville, TN to Dallas via fastest route possible: 662 Miles/ 10H 23M

Food: $300
Extras: $400

Total Cost: $2207

Though looking at this on 'paper' = way to much time in the car for a two year old. Maybe when she is 4.

Blue Ridge Parkway score right now out of 5 (I am researching 5 different vacation scenarios) is 1 (being the lowest and least likely to happen).

Monday, February 1, 2010


What a great month! Yep. I said it. A GREAT MONTH!

Ok. I am not sure why but I am hoping this will be a great month?

So let's sum up January:
  • J had a great time on winter break.
  • I had a great time with the kiddos sleeping until about 8:30 every day!
  • We did our taxes and are getting money back. (not as much as last year but we are getting something!)
  • I had a horrible case of the flu. Although, had a great husband who took care of the kids and kept the house --- yea, kept the house.
  • I was able to take my first ever newborn photos of a wonderful friends baby.
  • I made a long wishlist of things I would like to buy. (I have no plans on being able to spend money on wants in the near future though)
  • S started pre-school. Two days a week for 4 hours we have alone time. Odd. I feel bad for doing it but am glad she is doing well.
  • J had his reading comp. eval and tested at level 1 in reading. That was shocking to us, so we pumped up our reading time with him. His wonderful teacher said she would like to re-do it because she didn't think it was right. He tested at a level 5. Whew. Though we are still going to keep his upped reading practicing at home.
What is going to happen in Feb?

  • DI tournament at the end of Feb.
  • t-ball practice starts
  • I have to rescue the house from my week of the flu
  • LOST! (I am addicted!)

It should be a GREAT month! or I may tell myself that until I really believe it!