Monday, February 1, 2010


What a great month! Yep. I said it. A GREAT MONTH!

Ok. I am not sure why but I am hoping this will be a great month?

So let's sum up January:
  • J had a great time on winter break.
  • I had a great time with the kiddos sleeping until about 8:30 every day!
  • We did our taxes and are getting money back. (not as much as last year but we are getting something!)
  • I had a horrible case of the flu. Although, had a great husband who took care of the kids and kept the house --- yea, kept the house.
  • I was able to take my first ever newborn photos of a wonderful friends baby.
  • I made a long wishlist of things I would like to buy. (I have no plans on being able to spend money on wants in the near future though)
  • S started pre-school. Two days a week for 4 hours we have alone time. Odd. I feel bad for doing it but am glad she is doing well.
  • J had his reading comp. eval and tested at level 1 in reading. That was shocking to us, so we pumped up our reading time with him. His wonderful teacher said she would like to re-do it because she didn't think it was right. He tested at a level 5. Whew. Though we are still going to keep his upped reading practicing at home.
What is going to happen in Feb?

  • DI tournament at the end of Feb.
  • t-ball practice starts
  • I have to rescue the house from my week of the flu
  • LOST! (I am addicted!)

It should be a GREAT month! or I may tell myself that until I really believe it!

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