Friday, February 5, 2010

Vacation Planning #2... Blue Ridge Parkway

Yes, I am behind on my vacation planning trip idea thingy. Whoops.

For our second scenario: Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Rental Car for 9 days: Elt. SUV from Budget $495 (with applicable discount)
Gas: $650 (this is a driving trip)
Leave Saturday Morning-
Dallas to Chattanooga, TN: 782Miles/ 12H 6M
Overnight Hotel : $62 per Expedia

Chattanooga to the beginning of the BRP at Ravensford, NC: 149 miles/ 3H 41M
Ravensford to Asheville via BRP: 88.9 miles/ 2H 39 M (excluding stopping)
Overnight Hotel: $100

Monday: Hang around Asheville. Visit Biltmore.

Tuesday- Asheville to Roanoke via BRP: 270 Miles/ 8H
Hotel: $100

Wednesday- Roanoke to Charlottesville via BRP: 140 Miles/ 3H 48 Minutes
Charlottesville to Gaithersburg, MD via fastest route possible: 126 Miles / 3H (in Traffic)
Overnight at family: Free

Thursday: Hang out with family/ visit DC area.

Friday: Begin to venture home. Gaithersburg area to Nashville, TN via Cincinnati: 763 Miles/ 12H
overnight: $100

Saturday: Nashville, TN to Dallas via fastest route possible: 662 Miles/ 10H 23M

Food: $300
Extras: $400

Total Cost: $2207

Though looking at this on 'paper' = way to much time in the car for a two year old. Maybe when she is 4.

Blue Ridge Parkway score right now out of 5 (I am researching 5 different vacation scenarios) is 1 (being the lowest and least likely to happen).

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