Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day and Anniversary Goodness!

Scott and I celebrated our seven year anniversary on Feb. 14th, 2010. (Yes we were married on Valentine's Day, but really how it happened isn't a typical V-day wedding) My gracious mother-in-law offered, was begged offered to watch our kiddos so we could go out. Wow. I haven't used the words go out in a LONG TIME. We just aren't going out people. Well, we are but with our kids. So on Saturday night we made sure Grandmother was ready for pizza and movie night with the kids. Alvin and the Chipmunks was the choice of both (AGAIN!)

We did not make reservations anywhere, again as we are not fancy peeps. I did not want to go to a chain restaurant. So we decided on the little Greek restaurant in the shopping center across from the mall. This little Greek restaurant has a bit of history with me. While I was pregnant with S one of my cravings happen to be gyros. Late Sunday night as I flipped through one of those mail coupon books I came across a b1g1 coupon. I called. The closed in 15 minutes. I ordered and ran over. It was great! The owners are very nice and the food was very good. Two big +'s for me. So that is where we went for our anniversary. We had the 'Valentine's Plate'. (Which is one of the 'for-two' dinners with an added dessert)

Lamb, rice, mousakka, salad, gyro meat and feta. OH THE FETA! I was in heaven. The did not disappoint me. After our lovely meal we headed to the only place two parents on a night out should go, Half Price Books. It was really nice to look around without chasing a baby from the children's section.
Valentine's Day turned out to be quite busy. That is ok. I made a quick happy dessert for the family. Any guesses on what it is? (pardon the ikea plate/ aka kids cutting board)

Yep. Twinkies and strawberries. What does it say about us as parents that both our children ate the strawberries and left the twinkies? But they were cute and heart shaped. WIN!

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