Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Camping... Attempt 1!

We just spent the best day camping! I have not camped with children EVER. This was to be a brand new experience. If you have ever camped, adding children changes everything.

We decided on Tyler State Park. It was close and easy to get to. For some reason it kind of felt like going home, after all we did spend 4  1/2 years in east Texas.

We chose our campground for proximity to the lake. Just so you know, it does not have proximity to the bathroom. You could hike to the bathrooms (about 5 -8 minutes, hills and all) or drive (about 1 -2 minutes from tent to toilet). We like to live on the edge.


This is the view from close to the lake of our campsite. There is a picnic table and grill to the right (left of the picture). Each campsite is well stocked, so really all you need is a tent and some chairs. A small water spigett is off to the side. It is equipped for a hose too!

S taking in all the nature. Well, she was waking up from a nice car ride. I love her little confused, where is the sidewalk look.


J took to camping like a fish to water. He unpacked his bag and went to work.


S caught on too. As long as we kept feeding her dried cranberries she was happy. Check out the awesome view from our tent! I think I could have stayed for a few days.


I did not beg them to sit like this! I love that even with the 4 year age difference they can have fun together.


This one is hard to see but she walked up to her brother for a hug. She loves him.


This is from day 1. We decided to take a little hike to the other side of the lake, i.e. playground. Which was one of the reasons we chose this location. These kids love playgrounds.

All in all it was a great trip!

Later I will post on How to camp with children :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Really? Why is she growing so fast?

My baby!

Let's go back.

Way back to last Saturday. (long time ago really) This was a busy day with DI, T-ball and back to DI. Emily watched S while I coached t-ball. I visited for a bit when I picked her up. She came up to me and said, "potty?" "pee pee potty?" So I asked her if she needed to go potty? She shook her head yes. Just as we made it to the bathroom, it was occupied. So we waited. S went in, I help her get her diaper off and SHE DID IT! She peed! IN. THE. POTTY.

(Now she has done this before on a fluke or just randomly) This was the first time SHE asked to go. So ever since then we have asked and she has gone. All week she potty-ed and has been great about going with few accidents. (though we are not pushing her)

Fast forward to this past Sunday. She was dry until the afternoon. (I'll give her a break since she was playing at Grandmother and Grandaddy's house, she forgot). She went while at nursery during church. Monday morning we woke up dry. We have been going on the potty all the times she has had to #1 and #2. She rocks! She was completely dry when I dropped her off at her aunts house at 2:30!

GREATNESS! I hope she did well.

By the Way, she will be 2 in two weeks!