Monday, October 18, 2010

Challenege: Week 1- FAIL

But that is ok! I tried. Now I am trying harder because really, in all honesty it is not ok!

I worked out and meet my goal. That is good, but I need to do more. I don't feel tired or sore or out of sorts after a workout (a little sweat but really nada). So I need to work harder. I need, the oh so cliche, an open conversation with my body. My mind and body apparently aren't friends because they are doing everything they can to be mean to each other.

My food goal was ehhh. I didn't over indulge but I didn't do my best. I don't know food. Really. I don't. I know how to cook. I know some pretty good recipes. But I do not know food. I don't know how to eat. I don't know what food is good for me for the right reasons. I know that carrots are good for the eyes, blah blah but really what everything does.

So my 2 Goals for week 2: (oh yea, I am also going to try not to be overwhelmed so I will only have as many goals as the week I am on)

My first goal is to educate myself about food. I am tempted to visit a nutrionist, but our car was broken into so our spare money went to replacing a broken window. So I am going to educate myself the best I can using available resources.

My second goal is going to be to less harsh if I mess up. I am human. I am trying to make a lifestyle change. There will be bumps and bruises. I may fall of the wagon but I am going to try and do it the smart way. This is also going to include getting back to reality. I CAN NOT in good health loose 20 lbs in 10 9 weeks. I have hashimoto thyroiditis and pcos. It is not going to be easy. I am going to be less harsh. BUT I am going to work HARD!

p.s. Did you KNOW how many carbs are in onions? ONIONS? yea. me neither.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


10 weeks until Christmas.

20 lbs.

My challenege is going to be to try to loose 20 pounds before Christmas or 1 dress size. Sound crazy? Yes because in reality that would be 2 pounds a week. Nothing in life has changed so that mean I will still be as busy as normal. BUT. If I want change 'I' have to change.

In addition to the longterm goal I will have a few short term goals. Ready? I am not.

Week 1 -

Work out 4 days this week and walk for 30 minutes 5 days this week. Today (Sunday) until next Sunday will be my week.

Also part of my challenge will be to chronicle my food intake on that happy little iphone app that counts your calories.

Also on week 1 I am going to give up bread. I thought about doing the first two weeks of South Beach, last time I did I lost 11 lbs in two weeks (so I may resort to it). BUT I need some energy that some carbs will give me. So I will only be eating rice or couscous or beans or lentals. Wow, that list sounded a lot shorter in my head. Though it will only be 1 serving or 15 grams of carbs per day. (Scott has to have between 60-90 carbs per day due to his health issues) So it will be difficult to watch him eat all the carby goodness while I resist. Blah.

That is all. That is my weekly goal.

Today I walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sorry blog!

I haven't been giving you any attention! So in an effort to make up with you I will give you a run-down of all the goings on since my last blog post in ---- JULY!

Let's see...


  • VACATION! We went to Yellowstone! I will need to blog about that sometime soon... It was an adventure!
  • My Birthday - 29...what will this, the last year of my twenties, bring...
  • J started 1st grade
  • J also started a new baseball team (Where Scott is no longer a coach :) His schedule just does not allow the time. I also love it because now they can enjoy baseball together)
  • We jumped into buying tons of our stuff back from being burglarized
  • The guy pawned my camera (and left it in good condition) and got caught because I saved my serial numebrs. So now the 22 year old is going BACK to prison. I pray for that kid!
  • getting back in the swing of things with the kids in school and me at work...
  • J hit his first ball in coach pitch! A DOUBLE :)
  • I  wonder what in the world the person who decided that the baseball team needed white pants was thinking. They must be in cahoots with the Spray and Wash company.
Well maybe not so much has happened. At least it doesn't really look like it on paper ink. All in all things are going well.

Until next time little blog...

p.s. in an effort to win back your...whatever... I updated your header too! (I am sure it will be the same until at least Easter!)