Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The house has been completely clean for 3 days now! A small mess here and there (we have kids and are not strict on putting away toys immediately) but clean.

Scott worked today with my brother-in-law to get the Christmas lights up, they got most of them up. The rest should be up tomorrow! I can not wait to put my tree(s) up. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Scott and I will have a small gathering for Thanksgiving at our house on Thursday, 14 adults and 7 children so far (I may need to look up small). I do NOT HAVE TO WORK on thursday WOOHOO! Then me and my friends are heading to camp out at Target. My goal is a new tv. I am hoping that it will work out for us! I have to work on Friday and Scott on Saturday so we don't get to rest and relax together much. But that is ok. I am so thankful that we get to spend some time together without having to do much. I love him!

Some things that I am thankful for...

My little kids! As much as I love them, I really like them.

My family. I am so thankful that my family is so involved in my children's lives! I remember being a child and only really knowing my mom's side of the family. I am so thankful that we still get together for birthday parties, holidays and special events. We might not get along all the time but my kids know who their cousins are and they love them.

I am thankful for the problems that we have had this year. Sometimes you forget how good you have it. I KNOW how good I have it. I like it!

Friday, November 19, 2010

House work!

I have to clean tomorrow. I have to clean the downstairs. The entire. downstairs. It will not take long. Maybe two hours of semi constant work. I need to mop the playroom and kitchen. (And by mop I mean use the steam mop that magically makes my house beautiful). I NEED to get the house in tip top shape. Do you know why? Because Scott works on Sunday and is off on Wednesday. This means he will have Monday through Friday at home and I would LOVE for him not to have to do anything! Garage is clean, nothing to repair (no jinx please), backyard on it's way (I need to rake leaves but for some weird reason I love doing that) and after I get the last few rooms in our house clean, the house will be CLEAN!
Now we have two children who pretty much have full run of the house. I am not a parent who makes them keep the house perfectly clean. They will get out toys, then move on to other toys and leave the originals on the floor. They do pick up before we go somewhere or at night but they are kids. They need to play.

What will we do? Nothing. Nothing unless we want to! How cool is that?

I think the *real* reason that I want him to have the relaxing time is guilt. I feel bad that we are not going to visit his family Thanksgiving in Lubbock. Another knife in the gut guilt-ness, I think his whole immediate family is going. We have enjoyed at least 8 Thanksgivings together. We have been to two in Dallas, 2 in Colorado and one in Missouri. So 5 out of 8 isn't bad right? No. It isn't. I feel bad mostly because we could go. If I took off Friday we could go. But that means we I wouldn't get to go to my extended families Christmas party. And it means I wouldn't be able to Black Friday shop with my sister. AND that means if one of the kids gets sick between now and Christmas I would have to use one of my saved week off days that I have saved for the end of the year. You see, there are a LOT of I's in there.

I have one day off left for the year. I am taking the week off after Christmas, so between now and then I have 1 day! I am hardcore Black Friday Shopping with my sister on Friday and going to work after that!

So... In short... This weekend. I am going to clean our house, because my husband who works very hard is going to have a relaxing 5 days without working!

Monday, November 8, 2010

National Blog Posting Month - whoops

Well, I didn't even make it four days on this blog. That is ok. I am going to move on forward from here!

To catch up:

Thursday: Stitch removal day. Not fun. She cried, but I didn't. While we were at the doctor he asked when we would like to get her flu shot. Well, since she was already mad and crying why not now! Mean parents, I know! Then we went to the resale shop (I love the resale shops) and found a Cinderella castle. Suddenly someone didn't remember that she had her stitches removed a mere 30 minutes prior.

Friday: Mom started getting a runny nose...

Saturday: Full on cold it is. Not fun, but the kids were great!

Sunday: Stayed in bed with said cold most of the day, but did get some laundry done.

and here we are... Monday, a new and busy week. Here's to it!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not looking forward to...


Tomorrow is stitches removal day. Or as I dub it, father-daughter-bonding-time at the doctors office! I will be there but will have to step out when they take the stitches out. Ouch. Now she won't be able to look pitiful and tell everyone that she has "4 stichhhess"

Monday, November 1, 2010

Challenge Week 2 and 3 - Success!

This week was a little bit better. I used the Lose It! app to track my food intake. It is not much fun writing down everything you eat! I tried to limit myself to under 80 grams of carbs but most days it was more like 120g. Thank is alright. I did loose a few pounds this week! I really wanted to not get on the scale for a month, so that is going to be a challenge.

This last week was also hard because I had to help organize our Fall Festival at church. I also have an annual Halloween Party for my kiddos and some of their friends. It was good, until...

Yep! That is our girl! She fell/jumped/tripped/was accidently pushed or flew onto our train table in the playroom.
I can still remember hearing someone yell downstairs that she had a hole in her head!

So instead of trick or treating we left our party and went to the er. What a new experience. It was better than I expected but I could hardly look at it! Luckily enough she had her dad and grandmother there to be closer in proximity than mommy who had a weird yuck-face.