Monday, November 8, 2010

National Blog Posting Month - whoops

Well, I didn't even make it four days on this blog. That is ok. I am going to move on forward from here!

To catch up:

Thursday: Stitch removal day. Not fun. She cried, but I didn't. While we were at the doctor he asked when we would like to get her flu shot. Well, since she was already mad and crying why not now! Mean parents, I know! Then we went to the resale shop (I love the resale shops) and found a Cinderella castle. Suddenly someone didn't remember that she had her stitches removed a mere 30 minutes prior.

Friday: Mom started getting a runny nose...

Saturday: Full on cold it is. Not fun, but the kids were great!

Sunday: Stayed in bed with said cold most of the day, but did get some laundry done.

and here we are... Monday, a new and busy week. Here's to it!

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Sandy said...

busy, busy, busy. It seems, the older I get the busier I am.