Friday, December 10, 2010


Today you are 7.

This year is going to be full of possibilities, accomplishments, fun times, sad times and many pizza/movie nights. I can not wait to see what happens in the new year together.

I remember the moment I met you. You were perfectly mine. You helped me become a mother and in that very moment my life changed. I vowed to teach you as much as I could.

You have learned a lot while you were 6. You became a better reader. You learned to tie your shoes. You learned that you had the ability to put your thoughts onto paper. And how to hang those thoughts on the walls of your room.

You learned how to be tolerant to a pesky little sister who loves to bother you. She really just wants to be like you. I can't blame her, you are pretty cool.

You have already learned so much. You learned about love. Unfortunately you learned both sides of love but you came out with an understanding that love is good.

You have grown so much in your faith. I will never rush or push you into faith. I love the fact that you explore and question all things. Even with all the questioning your childlike faith is contagious. You proudly accept what being a child of God means and you are on your way to being a great man.

Sometimes I feel like you have been with me forever. You have done so much more than many people have. You have climbed mountain in Yellowstone. You swam with dolphins in the Florida Keys. You have traveled to 22 states and are well on your way to seeing all 50.

You love your ipod with your shows Ben10 and Avatar.
You love Alvin and the Chipmunks. I can not believe how much of a man you are but when you laugh at fart jokes or think weird noises are hilarious it shows.
You still love granola bars.
You LOVE legos.
You have started flirting with girls. (And can stop that now!)
You are still learning to ride your bicycle but are trying.
You have played a few sports but want to try something different.
You love to swim.
You do not like chocolate but you do like little debbie brownies.
You have become excellent at reading maps.
You love animals but are still timid with the puppies.
At the fair you would probably slide down the big slide 100 times if we let you.
You hate dressing up but secretly you like being handsome for church.
You love your sister.
You love ham and pepperoni sandwiches.
You love broccoli. Stems only though, not the florets.

You are you. I hope that no one will ever change the perfect idiosyncrasies that makes you Jack. I want you to know that being different is good. That some people are mean because they are hurting and don't know how to be nice.

I can not believe that you are 7.

I love you!