Thursday, March 31, 2011


It is on. Really this time. We are having a fitness challenge at work. The PERFECT opportunity to finally get rid of some of this extra weight that is hanging around. No more whining about thyroid problems or pcos. Nope, just time to get it off!

So my new motto will be 'Take That Fat'!

It is on!

Starting tomorrow I am going back on South Beach Phase 1. I loved it the first time because of one reason. I can not quit candy/bad sugar otherwise. I just have the willpower of a leaf. So in order to get rid of the sugar I am going to jump start my weight loss.

I also am going to 24 fitness tomorrow. Why 24 hour? Because I still have the cutest little card a home that says something about a class action lawsuit and they owe me 3 months free. Ironically the challenge at work is 12 weeks. Imagine that. So if it works and I work out, I might keep a membership. If I don't use it, no harm right.

So starting tomorrow I will be posting EVERYTHING I eat. And EVERY TIME I exercise. It will be kind of my keeping tabs on how it is going. I am going to force myself to spend the time to get healthy.

My goals are too lose weight. I would love to drop 26lbs in the 12 weeks but don't think that is realistic. I want to lose at least 30 by August (thirty by the time I turn 30! isn't that poetic) I want to be a comfortable size 16/tight size 14 at the end of this 12 weeks. And by August I want to be a comfortable 14/tight 12.

There it is. Bam! Take That Fat!